Our selection of sandwiches come directly from our table.  We've brought you all of our favorites.  From our gooey grilled cheese to our Abrams Deli.   We hope you enjoy them too!


Abrams Deli
100 g of Montreal Smoked Meat with sauerkraut and mozza cheese. Grilled on our white or multi-grain bread.
Beef and Cheddar
100 g or roast beef and cheddar cheese grilled on our white or multi-grain bread.
Grilled Cheese
Cheddar and mozza cheese on our white or multi-grain bread
Shetler Breakfast Sandwich
Fried egg, bacon or black forrest ham with real cheddar cheese on a made today bagel.
100 g of roast beef, fried onions, mushrooms our very own Stone Mills BBQ Sauce broiled with mozza cheese on our fresh panini buns.
The Italianburgh
Smoked Ham, layers of pepperoni, red onions, olives, mozza cheese and our own Italian sauce!
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Try our awesome lunch special: Regular deli on our own bread, fresh home made soup and a soda or water for only $10.00


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