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Understanding Sourdough
Texture:  Dense and Chewy
Crust:      Crisp and crackly!
Taste:      A hint of tanginess

We pride ourselves on making food the old fashioned way.  Naturally an artisan sourdough needed to be apart of our family. 

Artisan sourdoughs are a labour of love.  Abigail spends  5-6 hours preparing the dough before shaping and cold proofing for 12 hrs.  It then requires a unique baking process utilizing high moisture and dutch ovens. 


Look up the health benefits of real sourdough!

* Contains
Rye Flour, Stoneground Whole-wheat Flour, Strong High Protein Bread Flour, Water, Salt

Abigail's Starter

By most bakers standards our starter is young.  Abigail has been nurturing and adapting her starter for over 2 years!.  We feel it is delivering a great loaf of bread.  And it will only continue to get better!

We use Stoneground Wholewheat Flour and Strong High Protein Bread Flour for our starter.


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