Cutting Bread

Our Starter

By most bakers standards our starter is young.  We have been nurturing and adapting our starter for many months.  We now feel it is delivering a great loaf of bread.  And it will only continue to get better!

We use Stoneground Wholewheat Flour and Strong High Protein Bread Flour for our starter.


We pride ourselves on making food the old fashioned way.  Naturally an artisan sourdough needed to be apart of our family. 

Artisan sourdoughs are a labour of love.  Each loaf takes 5-6 hours to prepare before cold proofing for 12 hrs.  It then requires a unique baking process utilizing high moisture and dutch ovens. 

Understanding Sourdough
Texture:  Dense and Chewy
Crust:      Crisp and crackly!
Taste:      A hint of tanginess

* Contains
Stoneground Whole-wheat Flour, Strong High Protein Bread Flour, Water, Salt

Look up the health benefits of sourdough!

Making Bread