Custom Builds for Gamers

Custom Builds

Considering a new build?  Want peak performance and design.  I am always researching and reviewing new technology.  I can build you a computer based on your desired specifications or to fit your budget.  Give me a call or email!

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Welcome to Servage Residential Computer Services

Email:  Phone: 613-449-8439

My name is Gordon Servage.  I'm starting my own business here in beautiful Newburgh.  I will be offering everything from basic maintenance, to trouble shooting and repair to advanced performance builds.    I look forward to seeing you and hope you'll take advantage of my computer clean up special!

Computer Clean up Special:  $29.99

- Scan and remove viruses 

- clean clutter and defragment

- clean internal hardware

Virus Scan & Removal:  $12.99

- Scan and remove viruses 

Trouble Shoot Problem:  $19.99

- determine root cause and provide quote for repair. 

- Note:  If repair is authorized, cost of Trouble Shoot service goes toward repair.

Contact for service or request a quote

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