Our team is fully vaccinated!


We're almost there, just a bit longer!

- Staff are fully vaccinated

- Face masks are no longer required in the bakery as per KFLA

- Alcohol based hand sanitizer (provided) can be used upon entering the bakery

- No longer required to social distance, but we appreciate if you do

- Plexi-glass guards will remain in place for now 

- Most products, coffee and beverages moved behind counters and accessible by staff only

Please contact our store for more details:  

Email: orders@abramsbakery.com

Phone: 613-378-6974

New rules as of March 21, 2022

- Masking requirements removed in most places (including schools), except public transit, long-term care, retirement homes and other health-care settings, congregate care settings, shelters, jails and congregate care and living settings, including homes for individuals with developmental disabilities
- Passive screening no longer required
- Safety plans no longer required

Please do not visit us if you are under medical direction to self isolate / quarantine or experiencing COVID 19 symptoms